歡迎使用Billion Line Limited,輕鬆獲得我們所有靈活的貸款利率 Huānyíng shǐyòng Billion Line Limited, qīngsōng huòdé wǒmen suǒyǒu línghuó de dàikuǎn lìlǜ


Customers Loan

Billion Line Limited is a debt management company providing a range of funding options to growth-focused businesses and attractive investment opportunities in alternative assets.  We primarily focus on supportive measures that allow individuals and companies to obtain project loans, standby letter of credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantee (BG). We improve capital operation by aligning financial services with production needs and coordinating different prime financial institutions. To maintain vitality and competitiveness, we expand our space of development in finance with the help of new technologies and  business. 

We are experts at handling issuance of SBLC/BG, extending loans to organizations and we have successfully done it many times over. Corporations, Airline Operators, Investment Bankers, Energy Companies, Project Owners, Miners, Oil & Gas Traders, Commodity Traders, etc. have successfully obtained project loans, SBLCs/BGs through us. We firmly believe that all our clients must receive correct and complete information about project loans, SBLC or BG prior applying for these extremely complicated financial instruments. If you follow our procedure, it is likely that you might obtain a commercial or working capital, SBLC/BG provided you are financially capable to transact and possess the right business credentials. 

Underfunded companies or companies in peril and or companies in need of a corporate turnaround and emergency capital infusion. Investors have the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of global private and publicly traded companies, investing either through the private placement structure or a dividend type or debt instruments with us.   

Investor Partners can also gain access to transactions in the public companies sector, where we source and undertake a range of projects which may offer income as well as the prospect of capital gain at exit. If banks have denied you access to funding, you have come to the right place and Billion Line Limited is available to savage your needs.


  • Bank Guarantee
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Proof of Fund
  • Non Recourse Loan
  • Project Funding
  • Asset Management
  • Monetization
  • Tear Sheet Bullet Trading

  • SBLC
  • BG Bank Instruments
  • Cash Accounts
  • Proof of Funds